Are you interested in becoming an Investment Property Owner, but not sure where to start?

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At APM, we believe that real estate investments are a valuable building block in creating a resilient financial portfolio. Investment properties provide a grounded balance to stock-based retirement plans and brokerage accounts, while the passive income generated by quality real estate purchases can build wealth while also offsetting costs. The benefits of adding real estate to any portfolio are tangible and fitting for virtually any economic scenario:

  • Real Estate Investments Hedge Against Inflation Risk

    Historically, real estate has been a preferred asset type to hedge against the risk of inflation.
  • Real Estate Provides Predictable and Consistent Returns

    Markets go up and down, but real estate is generally less volatile than the stock market.
  • Real Estate Provides a Tax Efficient Investment

    The tangible component of real estate, i.e., the improvements, are depreciated, sometimes on an accelerated basis, which provides certain tax benefits.
  • Real Estate Provides an Opportunity for Leveraged Return

    Implementing the right practices, you can increase the rate of return you get on an investment using borrowed money.
  • Real Estate is a Tangible Asset

    On the other side of the spectrum from an NFT exists real estate – a tangible asset that you can see and touch.
While we believe that investing in real estate is a wise decision, not all properties are created equal. A poor investment may not appreciate, or may generate more expenses than income. Working with a well-informed broker with extensive expertise in your geographic investment area ensures that you will make an educated choice with the greatest potential for success.

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